The Fleet

Javelin Destroyer

The heavy hitter of the fleet. The Javelin Destroyers serve as motherships during large fleet battles. While it may be the smallest ship of the line for the UEE, it holds a maximum of 80 crewmen, has the ability to hold a fighter or a Redeemer troop transport, has 15 turrets including two massive size 7 turrets and two Anti-Capital Ship torpedo bays. It is not a ship to be trifled with but requires a large fleet and crew complement to reach it's full potential.

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Idris Frigates

The backbone of the fleet. The Aegis Dynamics Idris Frigates serve as light carriers and can serve as motherships for small operations where a Javelin would be impractical. Packing heavy weapons and the ability to launch three Anvil Aerospace F7C-M Super Hornets for it's defense, the Idris is a powerful friend and a deadly enemy.

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Bomber Escort Fighters

The Javelins, Idris' and Heavy Bombers are the center of the fleet but they would quickly fall without fighter support. From the agile Origin 325A to the heavy hitting Super Hornet these ships are able to strike the enemy swiftly and swarm them with strength and overwhelming numbers.

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Fleet Assets

At Executive Justice we combine the skill of our veteran pilots with the shear force of our warships resulting in a combined arms force that should not be underestimated by any means:

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Bred For Greatness

Recruits trained by the best, become the best. For 97 years Executive Justice has lead the industry in combat effectiveness, our secret lies within our state of the art training program. You have never logged any flight time? No problem! We have several training ships from Auroras' to Super Hornets' designed specifically for training purposes. There is no need to worry about damaging training equipment, we have full liability insurance coverage on all training ships. Executive Justice training staff prides itself on being comprised of the most skilled fighters the universe has to offer. By the time you arrive at the Heavy Bombardment Group they will have forged you into a warfighting machine, commanding both respect and fear from even the most notorious pirates.

Executive Justice is owned and lead by US military veterans. Each leader is hand picked for their ability to maintain stable composure in high stress environments, tactically assess situations, clearly communicate with teammates or allies and seemlessly transition from a state of relaxation to a combat mindset in a moment's notice.