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Author Topic: Tips for Arena Commander  (Read 1878 times)

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Tips for Arena Commander
« on: November 14, 2014, 04:28:13 am »
What's goin' on!

I've been playing a lot of multiplayer AC these past few days.  I'm slowly starting to get the hang of the controls, but I have a lot of learning yet to do. I thought I'd start a topic where we can consolidate some of the things we've all learned along the way about the dogfight module. Couple things I've picked up:

1. Strafing is very important. It allows you to circle the enemy while still moving and presenting a hard target. Along with this I've discovered that if you get into a nasty spin from a collision, you can use strafe to dramatically reduce the time it takes to recover.

2. Use Decouple mode.  I use the keyboard and by hitting caps lock I can turn couple mode off. What this does is allow you to fly your ship like in Battle Star Galactica. If you're going in a straight line at 100m/s and turn off couple mode (decouple), you will still maintain that velocity while being able to pivot around and fire at the enemy. You can also strafe while in this mode which presents and even harder target. The following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJoSJTbZDeQ  is a decent video explaining the basics of decoupling.

I'll post more as I discover them. If any of you have any good ones please share with us! Bump this thread up when you do find something worth sharing.

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Re: Tips for Arena Commander
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2014, 08:27:52 am »
1. I use a LOT of shield control. Ever since they brought in that feature it's almost sedond nature. When you end up in a joust with an apponent and want to go full weapons load on him rather than dodge or strafe put all your shields forward (default hold numpad 8 at the moment) If your opponent does not do the same you'll be able to take more hits than  him before taking any actual damage which will give you a slight edge. Or if you're out of flares and chaff and have some missiles you just can't shake put all your shields rear, fly in a straight line and brace for a no damage done impact. Though option one should be to avoid it entirely. Just remember to equalize your shields after. This is just a suggestion for slower, less manuevarable craft or those that prefer straight head to head fights.

2. Play with weapon loadouts. I'm sure this is common knowledge by now but you shouldn't accept that what everyone else is doing is the best combo. Different combos for different styles of playing. A favorite for me is putting the bottom turret of the F7CM on the trainer with bulldog repeaters. Badger repeaters on the main turrent. The standard miniguns on the wings and M4A lasers on the nose mounts. SomeGuy described the scene when I use them all at the same time as "Christmass".

3. Concentrate fire. It's very tempting to go for a kill by yourself to get those points but in a tram based game you need to think of the team as a whole rather than the individual. If you have a target in your sights but see a teammate engaging another close by. Rather go help him with that. Two sets of guns kill faster than one. Unless of course if your so sure about your own skill that you know you can take the first target out fast enough that you have time to spare for your allies.

4. Avoid tunnel vision. If you're on an enemies tail and ripping into him then for some everything else just disappears. If this happens you can be ripping him appart without realising that someone else is taking you apart from behind. You might get a kill, but you'll be worse off for it. Or worst case scenarion you die first and your attacker finishes off your now weakened target (battle royal mode) which means double the score for him with half the work. So if you're chasing while being chased, either escape or return fire. Or if you're feeling brave refer to hint 1 at the top.

5. Asteroids and debris are your friends. Go into freeflight and just fly through them at full speed. Practice dodging and weaving though dense clusters. When you're being chased by multiple enemies a debris or asteroid field could even the odds. If you're the better pilot your persuers will either break off or crash and burn. One or two might actually manage to stay on you (assuming you don't crash yourself) but at least you'll have a better chance at fighting back.
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Re: Tips for Arena Commander
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2015, 01:22:57 am »
This topic seems to have gone quiet a while ago but I thought I'd respond to mtkamekazi13's excellent suggestion number 5.

I have found that a could way to practice evasive flying and get a sense of what your ship can do is fly it in solo race mode. The stationary and fairly regular nature of the map, as well as the multitude of tight gaps, is an excellent space to improve situational awareness, intuitive understanding of your ship dimensions, as well as the physics of control. I like warming up my flying skills by trying to guide my Avenger through ridiculous spaces at unwise speeds in unusual orientations. Once you get more practice you can start improvising heavily, flying quick loops, pushing the g-force limits, hone your ability to save your ship while you are nearly out of control, and so on. Not to mention this is just really fun.


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